In the case of products manufactured in Pakistan, the scope of work starts from the research and development of products required by the Defence Departments in Pakistan.

Acceptance of advance samples is followed by serial production of the products with quality tests and approval on site to maintain the maximum level of quality and standard of the products manufactured. In the case of assistance of Ciros to defence related companies working

in Pakistan the scope of work consists of:

  • Introduction and Price Evaluation.
  • Preparation of Quotations.
  • Visit and Meeting Arrangements.
  • Hotel Reservations and Security Advice.
  • Local Transportation.

  • Submission of Tender Documents.
  • Assistance in Signing and Execution of Contracts.
  • Assistance in Preparation and Submission of Bank Guarantee’s
  • Opening of Letter of Credits and Advance Payments.
  • Receipt of Shipments and customs release support.
  • Issuance of CRVs.
  • Liaison and release of payments from the banks.
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