Ciros Enterprises is accustomed to the local business culture, and most notably we are well acquainted with the customer, consequently understanding the purchase procedures better than other companies with respect to industrial know-how and extensive marketing strategies carried out by Ciros Enterprises.   Our capabilities are further reinforced since the O.E.Ms working with Ciros Enterprises have been ranked highest within the industry in terms of service comparison against other companies working on similar projects.


o Chamber of Commerce & Industry

o Controller of Imports & Exports




Indigenous Development / Local Manufacturing 

Ciros Enterprises possesses the necessary resources to execute R&D (Research & Development) for indigenous developments and local manufacturing of products as required by defence departments and other government institutions.

Successively, prototypes or advance samples are distributed to the customer for acceptance, which is followed by serial production incorporating on-site quality tests to ensure compliance with our benchmark quality standards.

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