Ciros established its first cinema & an incredibly popular Sam’s Café during the year 1953 in Murree. The rapid growth called for an expansion after which another Cinema was established in Rawalpindi.

Ciros - Rawalpindi is one of the very few & oldest cinema’s continuing with business to this date besides the turmoil within the Pakistani film industry.

The management team at Ciros decided to diversify its business operations due to forecasted stagnation within Pakistan’s film industry, after which Ciros Enterprises was established in the year 1981 and was later converted into a partnership firm in the year 1986 comprising of the following Directors:

Mr. Khurshid A. Shaikh

Mrs. Abida K. Shaikh

Mr. Manzar K. Shaikh

Mr. Salman K. Shaikh

Ciros Enterprises is one of the most successful companies working towards acquisition of contracts with the defense & government related departments in Pakistan. This greatly due to the extensive product promotion and marketing for various foreign defense related companies in Pakistan.
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