Ciros Enterprises successfully (during the post sanctions period) secured contracts for Industrial Engines to the defense departments in Pakistan in substantial quantities.

Similarly, a joint venture with a U.K. based engine manufacturer, we were able to sell large quantities of Industrial Engines to the Defense departments in Pakistan by locally fabricating the water pumping units via Ciros Pumping Equipment and allied accessories with these Engines at our facility based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Ciros Enterprises has also been successful in marketing and securing high value contracts for Heavy Duty Cranes and Earth Moving Equipment manufacturers.

During the year 1997 Ciros Enterprises was appointed as business partner of a French O.E.M., in order to support direct sales of Spare Parts for the Fighter Aircraft in Pakistan.

In the year 1999, Ciros Enterprises became a change advocate on setting new industry benchmarks which enabled acquisition of direct contracts for several equipment manufacturers being the first such precedent in the history of Pakistan as all spares were previously going through vendors, Ciros Enterprises is now the sole supplier of these parts in Pakistan with exclusive rights to the products.

Precise marketing strategies have facilitated Ciros Enterprises to increase the sales of O.E.M spare parts to Pakistan by four times with an advance payment of 20% against each order received.

Now, O.E.M sales have now achieved a growth of 800%, which is credible evidence of the support and marketing strategies being rendered to O.E.Ms by Ciros Enterprises.

The local support and strengths of Ciros Enterprises have been appreciated by the O.E.Ms as a result Ciros Enterprises was able to secure more high value contracts for another French O.E.M, supporting direct sale of parts to Pakistan that were previously being supplied through the Aircraft manufacturer itself.

With the continued success of Ciros Enterprises especially in the after sales and support business, other OEMs have now also engaged Ciros Enterprises as their local business partners to deliver quality support and services to their customers in Pakistan which includes O.E.M.s, Distributors and Suppliers of Aircraft and Helicopters, within both commercial and defense industries.

Lately the Marine Division of Ciros Enterprises has acquired high value contracts during the year 2010-12 which have been also executed in the same financial year to the utmost satisfaction of the customer including some important contracts for Naval (Military) Boats.

In addition Ciros Enterprises is now also engaged with a French Helicopter engine manufacturer to provide after sales & support to the French helicopter fleets in Pakistan including local technical support for the engines with exclusive rights to its products.

Currently a custom designed channel by Ciros Enterprises facilitates the distribution and supply of Commercial and Defense related aviation spare parts on various platforms to numerous customers across Pakistan as we strive towards the maturity of Pakistan’s private aviation sector comprising of commercial / private aircrafts and helicopters.


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